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Worth a shot: the 'PixelHealer' might get pixels that have gone astray back on track by quickly changing colors.

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Need to focus without all those other windows distracting you? On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how to use CinemaDrape to close out everything except your most important task.

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If you aren't exactly sure where your pixel problem is, you can use the aptly-titled InjuredPixels. The pixel detector allows you to blank out your screen in multiple colors to test the display.

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Thumbico is a combination of an icon extraction and viewing tool, with a thumbnail viewer and creator. The program is tiny, a 28KB download, and unsurprisingly there's no installation required.

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ISeePass is a bookmarklet - a JavaScript that sits on your bookmark bar and triggers defined actions when you click on them, that can reveal the password in just a click.

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What makes HTMtied useful is that unlike the files created by browsers, HTMtied creates files supported by a number of platforms. ... Just copy the URL to clipboard and run HTMtied to create the website shortcut.

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