WinDroidWiz about ColorVeil

Probably the best piece of code I've ever used

Software Informer about ColorVeil

Whatever your reasons are to require or prefer a specific screen color with a certain opacity level for your screen (dyslexia, SSS, or just plain eye strain), ColorVeil is probably the most flexible, convenient, and efficient solution you'll surely find out there. (Software Informer Editor's Pick Award)

I Love Free Software about ColorVeil

This tool probably offers one of the best ways to minimize eye strain and irritation while using your PC.

MajorGeeks about ColorVeil

Add a colored filter over your entire desktop for saving you from eye strain, or simply for a fun or nostalgic screen view.

Untroubled Venus about ColorVeil

Studies have also found that the colored filters aid cognition for those with dyslexia. ... I have opted for applying a colored filter with ColorVeil.

Rocky Bytes about ColorVeil

Do you have issues with your screen being too bright at night even when you turn your PC's brightness all the way down? ColorVeil may be an application for you. (5 Stars – It Rocks!)

CHIP about PixelHealer

No prior knowledge is required, PixelHealer performs its duty even without installation. (CHIP Verdict: Gut)

Cinco Días about PixelHealer

Its use could not be simpler and more direct. ... PixelHealer works as a defibrillator, looking to revive pixels with a bombardment of colors.

Digital Trends about PixelHealer

PixelHealer is a bit of software from Aurelitec that's designed to fix pixel problems, and it's a free download for Windows, which means it ought to be your first stop.

Download3K about PixelHealer

An effective and money-saving solution ... and a very user-friendly app that can be used by users of any skill level. Therefore, we recommend this utility to all users. (Download3K Excellent Award)

Ghacks Technology News about PixelHealer

It may be worth a shot considering that the only other options you have are to return the screen/buy a new one or to live with it.

I Love Free Software about PixelHealer

PixelHealer is a very simple and straightforward software and there is nothing in it that users have to do manually, apart from some settings.

Kim Komando about PixelHealer

You can use PixelHealer's flashing color box on the affected areas to try and jolt the pixels back into shape. ... PixelHealer can be used instantly without the need for installation.

Omicrono about PixelHealer

A kind of shock treatment for pixels

Rocky Bytes about PixelHealer

InjuredPixels is a great application to have in your testing arsenal before and after you purchase a PC. Its companion application, PixelHealer is great for when you find dead pixels. (Rocky Bytes Score: It Rocks!) about PixelHealer

A very interesting application that can help you get rid of the so-called dead pixels, which are one of the main reasons for complaints and monitor tossing. ... Simple setup, effortless utility.

Softpedia about PixelHealer

A user-friendly utility ... an intuitive interface, straightforward functionality, and a smooth and quick installation

Superdownloads about PixelHealer

Besides being practical, it's also portable, so it can be carried around on a mobile device to help you fix multiple screens. ... PixelHealer has an intuitive interface, and it's easy to use.

FileCluster about InjuredPixels

No one wants to purchase a new monitor only to find out it comes with dead or locked pixels straight out of the box. InjuredPixels is a small application designed to prevent this from ever happening. (FileCluster 5 Stars Editors' Pick Award)

Software Informer about InjuredPixels

This open-source solution has no rival in the simplicity department. Software tools simply don't come any simpler than InjuredPixels. (Software Informer Editor's Pick Award)

MajorGeeks about InjuredPixels

Allows for easy pixel abnormality identification. ... Very beneficial during the warranty period to possibly utilize a manufacturer's policy on dead pixels.

MajorGeeks about InjuredPixels

InjuredPixels is an easy-to-use utility that is expertly geared for checking and identifying those annoying dead, hot or frozen pixels on any LCD monitor. Using it is a breeze.

TechwareGuide about Thumbico

I really like this thumbnail extractor software. It is user friendly and extracting thumbnails of desktop shortcuts, EXE files, or some other application is very simple.

BetaNews about Thumbico

Thumbico is a combination of an icon extraction and viewing tool, with a thumbnail viewer and creator. The program is tiny, a 28KB download, and unsurprisingly there's no installation required.

Tech Advisor about Thumbico

Verdict: A likeable and easy-to-use icon viewer and extractor. Sure, it's basic, but it does more than enough to be useful - and way more than we'd expect from a 54KB executable.

Download3K about Thumbico

Thumbico is a useful little program that can successfully import, display and allow minimal editing of embedded program icons, graphics and other file types. (Download3K Excellent Award)

Rocky Bytes about Thumbico

This application was a dream come true for me and it may be for you just as well. (Rocky Bytes Score: It Rocks!)

I Love Free Software about Thumbico

Final Verdict: Thumbico is a nice and simple software. All the features are, collectively, very helpful and make thumbnails and icons look much more attractive and clear.

AddictiveTips about Thumbico

The simplicity of the application is its greatest strength, in my opinion. To load an image, just drag and drop it onto the main interface of the application.

MajorGeeks about CinemaDrape

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to concentrate on a specific job then this useful ergonomic tool will be the ticket to achieve that goal.

AddictiveTips about CinemaDrape

"The best thing about CinemaDrape is you no longer have to manually clean up your work screen or close other opened windows. You just get rid of distracting visual elements."

Ampercent about CinemaDrape

"Cinemadrape is an awesome application for Windows which can be used to completely fade out selected areas of the screen."

BetaNews about CinemaDrape

"Overall there's no doubt that CinemaDrape works very well, and the program does provide plenty of configurability."

BetaNews about InjuredPixels

"As hardware diagnostics applications go, then, InjuredPixels is just about as simple a program as you'll see. But it's also capable, effective and easy to use."

BetaNews about Colortypist

"Put it all together and Colortypist is a smart graphic design addon, well worth its 40KB download. Go grab a copy now."

Computertaal about WhatsMyCo

"Maybe you can use it to give your wedding card a personal touch: just combine your color with that of your partner."

Download Squad about CinemaDrape

"CinemaDrape is a great way to turn off the 'background noise' so you can focus on one particular app or area of your screen." about CinemaDrape

"CinemaDrape may not be the killer productivity app that the Ford Model T was, but it's better in this respect: you really can have any color you want, not just black." about Colortypist

"It's clear that this was not only made for graphic designers, but by them, as well. It's stylish, smooth, and does exactly what you need it to. ... Colortypist is a phenomenal download to have."

Download3K about CinemaDrape

"One of the best apps to keep you concentrated. It can boost your focus significantly. Recommended download, 5 stars hands down." (Download3K Excellent Award)

Download3K about InjuredPixels

"The interface is pretty slick. ... InjuredPixels is a useful app that can be taken out of a USB flash drive to test a monitor or display on a new laptop before purchase." (Download3K Excellent Award)

FindMySoft about Colortypist

"Thanks to Colortypist you have a great means of exploring colors, viewing colors on your desktop, and setting colors as you desktop wallpaper." (Editor's Review Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Essential) about CinemaDrape

"CinemaDrape provides a digital curtain for the screen. For users that want to hide potential distractions, CinemaDrape is the ideal tool."

Freewaregenius about HTMtied

"The verdict: this is simply brilliant. ... Kudos to the developers for a great implementation of such a simple yet brilliant idea. I am surprised I hadn’t seen something like this earlier."

GIGA about CinemaDrape

"CinemaDrape is one of those tools that you run for the first time and realize you have been always looking for such a thing."

Ghacks Technology News about Colortypist

"Colortypist, Realtime Desktop Wallpaper Color Selector. ... Colortypist offers a better way of experimenting with different background colors."

I Love Free Software about CinemaDrape

"CinemaDrape can take a load off your eyes, and allow you to read only what you want to read or see what you want to see. ... Regular ad blockers will not work like CinemaDrape will."

I Love Free Software about InjuredPixels

"InjuredPixels is easy to use. ... There is no installation required for this program. Just open the file and click."

I Love Free Software about WhatsMyCo

" is a pretty interesting concept. I don’t really find any use for it, but it is sure fun."

Infopackets about CinemaDrape

"If you're feeling like you're not getting enough work done, try CinemaDrape." about CinemaDrape

"CinemaDrape can make watching videos or working on other tasks more enjoyable and less stressful by blurring out distractions. ... In fact, it can be used for any task, really."

Lifehacker about CinemaDrape

"CinemaDrape covers your desktop with a black screen except for the current application, so you can eliminate background distractions and help yourself focus on getting something done." about CinemaDrape

"Are you a Facebook addict, attention deficient, or simply can't pay attention to ANYTHING?!?! Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is your lucky day ... It's called CinemaDrape, and it's free."

PC & Tech Authority about InjuredPixels

"Apart from being portable and highly compatible, it's also relatively easy to customise. ... A simple and convenient tool which makes it much easier to locate dead pixels on an LCD display."

Revision3 about CinemaDrape

"Need to focus without all those other windows distracting you? On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how to use CinemaDrape to close out everything except your most important task."

Rocky Bytes about CinemaDrape

"Show what you want and nothing more with CinemaDrape." (Rocky Bytes Score: It Rocks!)

Rocky Bytes about Colortypist

"Are you a web developer? Graphic designer? Just really like discovering different colors? Colortypist is the application for you." (Rocky Bytes Score: It Rocks!)

Rocky Bytes about WhatsMyCo

"WhatsMyCo is another innovative idea from Aurelitec that has to do with color. I tell you, they really love color at Aurelitec." (Rocky Bytes Score: It Rocks!)

SnapFiles about CinemaDrape

"CinemaDrape enables you to darken your screen, except for a selected area, thereby eliminating visual distractions from desktop clutter or other screen elements."

Softoxi about CinemaDrape

"A brilliant free desktop application that allows you not to get distracted by obstructing a specific area of the screen with custom colors and opacity."

Softoxi about InjuredPixels

"InjuredPixels is an efficient, portable and highly useful tool targeted at all LCD owners in order to successfully detect the dreaded dead pixels."

Softpedia about Colortypist

"Colortypist can be a reliable assistant to any user who works in graphic design or who simply has a passion for the color palette."

Softpedia about InjuredPixels

"InjuredPixels comes with a simple design and straightforward functionality in a lightweight package, and it's ready-to-use in any situation." about CinemaDrape

"Distractions come in many different forms and sometimes a major part of your screen is actually irrelevant to your current preoccupation. If only there was a way to hide such parts of your screen... CinemaDrape is a useful tool for keeping your computer screen distraction-free."

TrishTech about CinemaDrape

"It seems that on a PC, one cannot even watch a movie without getting distracted. Perhaps this is why the free software CinemaDrape has been created. ... CinemaDrape can be very useful."

Web User about CinemaDrape

"Whether you're composing a document, watching a video or replying to an email, CinemaDrape forces you to give the job your full attention by hiding everything outside the main application."

Yahoo! Finance about InjuredPixels

"If you aren't exactly sure where your pixel problem is, you can use the aptly-titled InjuredPixels. This pixel detector allows you to blank out your screen in multiple colors to test the display."


Defaultshiva about CinemaDrape

"As useful as your own creativity ... A recommended download."

Elena Capusan about CinemaDrape

"It is amazing how efficiently this program solves the 'background noise' issue by clearing away all the distractions in just a few short clicks."

Gimpguy about CinemaDrape

"This is actually very nice, something I could get used to having. ... Yes, this is definitely a keeper." about ColorVeil

"This is an indispensable software used to prevent eye strain. I highly recommend it and use it frequently during long work days. They've done a kindness to people by making it available to download freely."

Harry Hammer about CinemaDrape

"Elegant simplicity ... It is a wonderfully simple yet effective gadget that can enhance your viewing experience. Well done to the developer!"

Iqbal Yusaf about CinemaDrape

"Really liking CinemaDrape on Windows to help focus on the task at hand"

Middlewich High School about ColorVeil

"At one stroke, Middlewich High School has been able to improve its staff's health, while also broadening access to learning opportunities for many of its students, all at zero cost to the taxpayer." Read More

Neil Kolban about CinemaDrape

"I was pointed to Cinemadrape and now can't live without it."

Rex Tang about Colortypist

"Cool tool. I've always used the long winded way. ... Yeah it's tedious, so your tool recommendation is awesome! Thanks."

St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School about ColorVeil

"ColorVeil gives us the perfect solution for children and young people with Dyslexia / Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, allowing full customisation to match the colours stated by the optometrist." Read More

User comment on dotTech about HTMtied

"For shortcuts to links HTMtied is second to none. It's tiny, portable & simple! Simply copy the URL, activate HTMtied, then paste to desktop or any folder. The shortcut will always open your default browser."