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Distraction-eliminating application CinemaDrape covers your desktop with a black screen except for the application you're currently working in, so you can ... help yourself focus on getting something done.

Whether you're composing a document, watching a video or replying to an email, CinemaDrape forces you to give the job your full attention by hiding everything outside the main application.

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Need to focus without all those other windows distracting you? On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how to use CinemaDrape to close out everything except your most important task.

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Social network updates are not the only distractions you face when doing computer work. There are other things that can pull your eyes away from that dry math assignment ... just use an anti-distraction program like CinemaDrape.

I can find no reason not to recommend CinemaDrape to anyone - having it installed on your computer won't harm its valuable resources and will offer you a quick and convenient solution to unwanted distractions.

Software Informer Editor's Pick Award, 5-Star rating

A nifty piece of software that can help increase your focus on the task at hand, without being distracted by other windows ... It's free of charge and installs in a jiffy, without attempting to promote third-party software or push it on the system.

Softpedia Excellent Editor's Review Award, 5-Star rating

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The best thing about CinemaDrape is you no longer have to manually clean up your work screen or close other opened windows. You just get rid of distracting visual elements ... so you can fully focus on the work at hand.

Remove desktop distractions in a flash with CinemaDrape ... Overall there's no doubt that CinemaDrape works very well, and the program does provide plenty of configurability.

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CinemaDrape may not be the killer productivity app that the Ford Model T was, but it's better in this respect: you really can have any color you want, not just black, by changing CinemaDrape's background color. ... This interesting tool has a lot of potential uses.

CNET Editors' Review

Avoiding distractions on while working your computer can be tricky business. ... CinemaDrape is a great way to turn off the 'background noise' so you can focus on one particular app or area of your screen.

CinemaDrape is a unique program ... the perfect program for darkening any area of your computer screen that might be distracting while working, reading online, or watching videos or movies.

This can take a load off your eyes and allow you to read only what you want to read or see what you want to see without having to deal with annoying ads all of the time. Regular ad blockers will not work like CinemaDrape will.

Using CinemaDrape is very easy. Once you start the application, the entire screen will go black. Don't panic, this is absolutely normal. ... Get focused with CinemaDrape.

Rocky Bytes Score: 5 Stars - It Rocks!

CinemaDrape is one of my favorite tools when it comes to hiding the Windows 10 screen excluding a particular area. ... For most of the options, hotkeys are available to use this tool easily.

My recent love is doing video casts and I was searching for a utility which can dim specific areas of the Windows screen. ... CinemaDrape is an awesome application which can be used to completely fade out selected areas of the screen.

Conclusion: One of the best apps to keep you concentrated. It can boost your focus significantly and help you become more productive and efficient. Recommended download, 5 stars hands down.

Download3K Excellent Editor's Review Award, 5-Star rating

A useful tool for keeping your computer screen distraction-free ... You can choose to download the installer package or the portable .zip version. Either way, it will only take up a couple of kilobytes on your PC.

Editor rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Editor's Opinion: A brilliant free desktop application that allows you not to get distracted by obstructing a specific area of the screen with custom colors and opacity.

5-Star rating

Very useful for those who do not want to waste precious time due to increasingly tempting distractions.

Using this unique application, you can concentrate on your current task on the screen just by blanking or dimming the other applications instantly.

Sometimes you are working on something so important that you want everything else to sidestep. CinemaDrape brings important tasks to focus while hiding unimportant ones.

Are you a Facebook addict, attention deficient, or simply can't pay attention to ANYTHING?!?! Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is your lucky day ... It's called CinemaDrape, and it's free.

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An excellent software ... Forget about the rest of the tabs and pings and rings and all the stuff. See what you need to see and do what you need to do.

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There are times I wish I could create a distraction free environment and hide everything on the screen except the main task (or application) I am focused on. Well, my wish came true with CinemaDrape...

This Windows program practically adds a black frame to the desktop, which can be adjusted, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most, your working program. The installation CinemaDrape is no problem for any user and so is the usage of this program.

Editor's Review Rating: Excellent

CinemaDrape is a tiny tool which can blank out everything but particular desktop windows, so you can focus on those with no distractions from desktop gadgets, taskbar notifications or anything else.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to concentrate on a specific job then this useful ergonomic tool will be the ticket to achieve that goal.

CinemaDrape enables you to darken your screen, except for a selected area, thereby eliminating visual distractions from desktop clutter or other screen elements.

Desktop enhancement that helps increase productivity and focus by dimming areas of the screen while keeping selected area bright. ... CinemaDrape can be useful for working with word processing (ie. for writers), watching windowed video playback or for reading eBooks. In fact, it can be used for any task, really.

Editor's Review: Excellent

It seems that on a PC, one cannot even watch a movie without getting distracted by these small messages popping every now and then. Perhaps this is why this free software has been created.

CinemaDrape provides a digital curtain for the screen and simply blocks out potential distractions. ... For users that want to hide potential distractions, CinemaDrape is the ideal tool.

Editorial team rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars

Editor's opinion: CinemaDrape is one of those tools that you run for the first time and realize that this is exactly what you've always been looking for.

GIGA rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

If you're feeling like you're not getting enough work done, try CinemaDrape. ... It's easy to move or resize these blacked-out areas to suit your productivity needs.

CinemaDrape is a great solution for when you want to focus on an application or a piece of text without being distracted by other events that take place on your computer like notifications, incoming chat messages or flashing add-banners on websites.

Find out first when CinemaDrape is updated and improved and when new apps are released!

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