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Worth a shot: the 'PixelHealer' might get pixels that have gone astray back on track by quickly changing colors.

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PixelHealer is a program entirely dedicated to fixing dead and stuck pixels, and its use could not be simpler or more direct. ... PixelHealer works as a defibrillator, looking to revive pixels with a bombardment of colors.

PixelHealer is an entirely free application from Aurelitec that fixes pixel problems. ... So give this dead pixel fix a try regardless of how your wounded pixel is behaving.

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Revive dead pixels on your LCD or TFT screen on your laptop, tablet or desktop monitor using the flashing RGB colors with this app ... intuitive interface, straightforward functionality, and a smooth and quick installation.

PixelHealer is an effective and money-saving solution for dead or stuck pixels on your computer screen. It is a very user-friendly application that can be used by users of any skill level and it is completely free of cost, so there is no harm in trying to fix the pixel problem on your own with this app. Therefore, we recommend this utility to all the users.

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If you're having trouble with pixels that don't change color and are bothering you with fixed colors on your LCD monitor, a program like PixelHealer is the solution. ... It is very practical, allowing anyone to restore PC screen pixels without difficulty.

You can use PixelHealer's flashing color box on the affected areas to try and jolt the pixels back into shape. ... PixelHealer can be used instantly without the need for installation.

PixelHealer, as its name suggests is an application that attempts to fix the dead pixels in your screen by flashing colors over top of each dead pixel in order to 'revive' them.

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No prior knowledge is required, PixelHealer performs its duty even without installation.

CHIP Verdict: Gut

PixelHealer provides you with the means to try and revive defective pixels by cycling through colors rapidly in the area they are in. ... It may be worth a shot considering that the only other options you have are to return the screen/buy a new one or to live with it.

Aurelitec, which develops small tools to improve the user experience and gets relatively good grades, also has a program to fix stuck pixels. PixelHealer performs stuck pixel repair by quickly displaying all the basic colors on the screen in a window with the ability to move in a customizable size.

A very interesting application that can help you get rid of the so-called dead pixels, which are one of the main reasons for complaints and monitor tossing. ... Simple setup, effortless utility.

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