Extract Thumbnails of Desktop Shortcuts, EXE Files As JPG, PNG Images

“I really like this thumbnail extractor software. It is user friendly and extracting thumbnails of desktop shortcuts, EXE files, or some other application is very simple.”


Extract icons and create image thumbnails with Thumbico

“Thumbico is a combination of an icon extraction and viewing tool, with a thumbnail viewer and creator. The program is tiny, a 28KB download, and unsurprisingly there's no installation required.”

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View icons and thumbnails for any file

“Verdict: A likeable and easy-to-use icon viewer and extractor. Sure, it's basic, but it does more than enough to be useful - and way more than we'd expect from a 54KB executable.”


“Thumbico is a useful little program that can successfully import, display and allow minimal editing of embedded program icons, graphics and other file types. ... This is a feature which is most useful for application developers, but can also be accessed by Windows users who wish to use the icons in other ways later.”

Download3K Editor's Review: Excellent, 5 out of 5 Stars

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“If you work with icons and screenshots on a daily basis like I do, you'll want to pay attention to this new application from Aurelitec. If you are familiar with that developer and the applications from the developer, you will know that simple applications that solve often overlooked issues seems to be a trend with the developer and Thumbico is no exception. ... This application was a dream come true for me and it may be for you just as well.”

Rocky Bytes Score: 5 Stars - It Rocks!

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Thumbnail Viewer To Display Thumbnails, Icons And Resize Them

“Final Verdict: Thumbico is a nice and simple software. All the features are, collectively, very helpful and make thumbnails and icons look much more attractive and clear.”


Thumbico Lets You View & Extract Icons Of Files, Videos & Applications

“The simplicity of the application is its greatest strength, in my opinion. To load an image, just drag and drop it onto the main interface of the application.”

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