Thumbico View the large thumbnail or icon of any file, document, or program on your PC.

Run or Install for Free

For Any File

Simply drag and drop any file, image, photo, icon, document, video or program from your Desktop or any other folder.

Icons and Thumbnails

Get icons for any file or program. And get thumbnails (reduced-size versions) for any picture, photo, or video.

Large Expanded Icons

Free as in size liberated. Windows shows you small, standard size icons. Thumbico lets you view icons at any size.

Easy Image Sizing

Get a bigger or smaller icon or thumbnail by pressing the familiar Ctrl++ or Ctrl+- zoom keyboard shortcuts.

Precise Image Sizing

For a more precise resizing, you can also enter width and height values in the numeric edit boxes located in the toolbar.

Rotate, Flip & More

Easily rotate the image, flip it horizontally or vertically, convert it to grayscale, or blend it in with a different background color.

Saving or Copying

Easily export and save the WYSIWYG image to a JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP file, or copy it to the Windows Clipboard.

For Presentations

Try the Glass and Naked Modes for a nicer view of file icons and thumbnails. For screenshots, screencasts, or presentations.

For Software Developers

Test how program or file icons look at different sizes, and how their transparency blends with different backgrounds.

Selected Reviews


If you're looking for an effortless and uncomplicated way to save this type of images, then you found it. (5 Stars)


The simplicity of the application is its greatest strength, in my opinion. To load an image, just drag and drop it.

Rocky Bytes

This application was a dream come true for me and it may be for you just as well. (Five Stars – It Rocks!)