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Gain full insight into what goes on in every little corner of your computer. Get info on any file, folder, or program. Automatically search the web for updated information. Detect and remove malicious or unneeded files and software. Keep your PC secure, and use it with confidence.

Key Features

X-Ray your PC

Get an instant overview of running apps, processes, services, installed programs, start-up programs, hardware and files on your computer.

Break it down

Click on any program or file and check the “Details” window for particular information about them, including name, publisher, path, version, copyright – everything to be known about them.

Know your files

See clearly what files are on your system, and what they are like. No more unexposed, lurking and unpleasant surprises; you get a detailed map, and a full ID check of each file.

The search engine room

WhatsOnMyComputer brings you all the information available on the web on any file or program, including origin, updates, support, documentation and so on. Click on any item you want to inspect and WhatsOnMyComputer does a real-time search for you according to the search category you select.

Seek & wipe

Once you have detected suspicious files, or software, click “Delete” to say goodbye to them.


Start a custom quick search on any program or file you need to, and take advantage of the automatic real-time search WhatsOnMyComputer does for you based on the search query you type in.

In A Nutshell

WhatsOnMyComputer gives you access to information about any file, folder, or program on your computer, allowing you to easily search the Web for any information, detail or answer you need. Keep out viruses, trojans, dangerous or poor-quality software from your PC, and stop guessing or worrying about what’s on your system. Keep your computer secure and find the information you need to use your PC with peace of mind and confidence.

Forget the usual learning-curve associated with new software. WhatsOnMyComputer is designed to be as fast, simple and intuitive as possible, and you’ll be benefiting from its wealth of features in minutes. Just give it a try and see.

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