CinemaDrape Screenshot

CinemaDrape. Minimize distractions and focus on your task by blacking out other screen areas.

CinemaDrape strategically covers parts of your desktop (Washington Post)

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ColorVeil Screenshot

ColorVeil. Color filters over your screen. Reduce eye strain, help with Dyslexia and Visual Stress.

A coloured tint across the screen helped students with their reading (Middlewich High School, UK)

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InjuredPixels Screenshot

InjuredPixels. Check your PC, laptop or tablet screen for dead pixels, scratches or defects.

The capable InjuredPixels is just about as simple a program as you'll see. (BetaNews)

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Also available for Android

PixelHealer Screenshot

PixelHealer. Try to fix dead, stuck or hot pixels by yourself, before running back to the store!

An effective and money-saving solution for dead or stuck pixels on your screen. (Download3K)

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Colortypist Screenshot

Colortypist. Type in a color name or code, and see it fill your screen in real-time, while you type.

A handy free color picker and viewer with plenty of useful features. (PC & Tech Authority)

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WhatsMyCo Screenshot

WhatsMyCo. Type your name or text and get your matching color! A fun way to discover colors!

WhatsMyCo is a fun and pretty interesting concept. (I Love Free Software)

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Thumbico Screenshot

Thumbico. View the large thumbnail or icon of any file, document, or program on your PC.

Comprehensive and ingenious despite a more spartan interface. (Allmyapps)

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HTMtied Screenshot

HTMtied. Save your Internet bookmarks as tiny portable HTML link files, and use them anywhere.

A great implementation of such a simple yet brilliant idea. (FreewareGenius)

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