CinemaDrape Focus

Focus on your task by blanking or dimming other screen areas.

"Strategically covers parts of your desktop" (Washington Post)

A red color filter with ColorVeil

A color filter over your screen. Dim screen brightness, or browse the Web in Red.

"Your monitor will never be boring again." (Download3K)

InjuredPixels Dead Pixels

Check your PC or tablet screen for dead pixels, scratches or defects.

"Just about as simple a program as you'll see" (BetaNews)

PixelHealer Fix Dead Pixels

Try to fix dead pixels by yourself, before running back to the store!

"An effective & money-saving solution for dead pixels." (Download3K)

Colortypist Web Color

Type a color name/code, and see it fill your screen in real-time, while you type.

"Colortypist is a phenomenal download to have." (CNET)

Your matching color with WhatsMyCo

Type your name or text and get your matching color! A fun way to discover colors!

"WhatsMyCo is a pretty interesting concept." (I Love Free Software)

The full size version of file icons in Thumbico

Easily view file icons and thumbnails. Just drag and drop any file on Thumbico.

"Perfect tool for creating slideshows or presentations." (Dr. Windows)

Create a portable bookmark with HTMtied

Save your Internet bookmarks as tiny portable bookmark files. Use them anywhere.

"The verdict: this is simply brilliant." (FreewareGenius)