PixelHealer Fix Dead Pixels

Try to fix dead pixels by yourself, before running back to the store!

"An effective & money-saving solution for dead pixels." (Download3K)

Key Features

  • Step 1: Detect

    Use our own free InjuredPixels portable app to check your screen or tablet for dead, stuck or hot pixels.

  • Step 2: Start Fixing

    Download and run PixelHealer without installation, cover the dead pixel with the color window & click Start Flashing.

  • Step 3: Wait & Check

    Let the flashing window run for a while, than check to see if the dead pixel has been fixed or revived. Repeat if necessary.

  • Experiment Based

    PixelHealer uses the already tested concept that flashing RGB colors over a dead or stuck pixel will revive it.

  • Easy To Use

    Use the mouse to move or resize the flashing window, or the intuitive settings to change the flashing colors or interval.

  • Epilepsy Warning

    Flashing colors can trigger epilepsy attacks. Make sure you don't stare at the PixelHealer flashing window!

More Details


  • Ghacks

    "It may be worth a shot, as the only other options you have are to return the screen/buy a new one or to live with it."
  • Download3K

    "Effective and money-saving solution ... We recommend this utility to all users.” (5 Stars, Editor’s Review: Excellent)"
  • I Love Free Software

    "Very straightforward: most of the task is done automatically and users just have to place the color window, start and stop it."

More Reviews


  • PixelHealer Screenshot: Fix dead pixels in a small region

    PixelHealer can be resized to work on a very small area around the dead pixel.

  • PixelHealer Screenshot: Intuitive settings to fix dead pixels

    The Settings window is intuitive, and doesn't have to stay open all the time.

  • PixelHealer Screenshot: Notification icon, no taskbar clutter

    The small PixelHealer notification icon does not clutter your taskbar.

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