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InjuredPixels. Check your PC, laptop or tablet screen for dead pixels, scratches or defects.

The capable InjuredPixels is just about as simple a program as you'll see. (BetaNews)

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Also available for Android


Test Before Buying

Run InjuredPixels without installation, and check any LCD monitor or tablet for dead pixels or scratches. Even in the store.

Test After Buying

Test your monitor during the warranty period, as you may get a replacement according to its dead pixel policy.

Injured & Dead Pixels

Easily check for hot, dead or stuck pixels, for pixels that do not illuminate properly or do not display the correct color output.


InjuredPixels fills the entire screen with a single color, so you can check for pixels that do not match the selected color.

Easy To Use

Just click or use the arrow keys to cycle through colors, or right-click to get the menu with the main commands.

Multi-Monitor Support

InjuredPixels has built-in multi-monitor support, so you can check all connected monitors for dead or defective pixels.



As hardware diagnostics applications go, InjuredPixels is just about as simple a program as you'll see.

PC & Tech Authority

Verdict: A simple and convenient tool which makes it much easier to locate dead pixels on an LCD display.

Rocky Bytes

Download InjuredPixels and make sure that you don't end up wasting hundreds and thousands of dollars.