InjuredPixels for Android Check the screen of your Android device for dead pixels, scratches or defects.

Install for Free

Also available for Windows

Test Before Buying

Check the screen of any Android smartphone or tablet for dead pixels or scratches, even in the store, before buying.

Test After Buying

Or test the screen during the warranty period, as you may get a replacement according to its dead pixel policy.

Injured Pixels

Easily check for hot, dead or stuck pixels, for pixels that do not illuminate properly or do not display the correct color output.

Color Testing

InjuredPixels fills the entire screen with a single color, so you can check for pixels that do not match the selected color.

Easy Controls

Tap the color buttons or the volume keys to cycle through colors. Double tap to go full screen and check for defects.

No Ads, No Internet

InjuredPixels is completely free, doesn't show ads, and requires no Internet and no extra permissions whatsoever.