HTMtied Save your Internet bookmarks as tiny portable HTML link files, and use them anywhere.

Run for Free

Free Bookmarks

Free as in liberated: save your Internet bookmarks as tiny files, that you can use anywhere, outside your browser.

Portable Bookmarks

Use your Internet bookmarks on any PC, tablet, smartphone, or in the cloud. On Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or Linux.

Standard HTML Files

The bookmark files are actually tiny HTML files, that load the original Internet address, when opened in any browser.

Copy, Run, Paste

Copy any Internet address to the Clipboard, run HTMtied, and paste the magically created portable bookmark file.

Convert En Masse

Copy multiple addresses on separate lines to the Clipboard, or drag and drop any number of URL files over HTMtied.

The Direct Mode

No more manual pasting: click the HTMtied Direct shortcut to convert and paste all bookmarks to a preferred location.

Online Bookmarks

The portable bookmark files can easily be uploaded or synchronized in the cloud, with online storage services.

Internet Favorites

Liberate your Internet Explorer Favorites: copy the URL files to the Clipboard, or drag and drop them on the HTMtied icon.

Zero Interface

HTMtied is so easy to use that it doesn't even need a user interface. On success you'll hear the famous Tada sound.

Selected Reviews


HTMtied is a very useful and yet simple tool to create an HTML file for any website links or URLs in an easy way.


Create website shortcuts for opening them in the default browsers of numerous OS platforms and portable devices.


If you're looking for a quick way to add website shortcuts to the Windows desktop, give HTMtied a try.


For shortcuts to links HTMtied is second to none. It's tiny, portable & simple! Simply copy the URL, activate HTMtied [DA DA], then paste to desktop or any folder. The shortcut will always open your default browser.