PixelHealer: The German Press Agency's Article and Its Widespread Coverage

The German media has taken notice of PixelHealer, our software app that can help users fix stuck or dead pixels on their monitors. Following a recent article published by the German Press Agency (DPA), the app received widespread coverage across the country. The article was picked up by over one hundred media outlets, ranging from national newspapers to local publications and from online news sources to television and radio stations.

The caliber of the media outlets that shared the article is what makes this recognition stand out. Millions of Germans trust the information they get from these sources. For example, Süddeutsche Zeitung is one of Germany's largest and most respected daily newspapers and the second most circulated German newspaper; Handelsblatt is the most cited business newspaper in Germany; RTL News is a leading German television network that also operates one of the largest German-language news websites; and MSN, Yahoo Finance, WEB.DE, and Vodafone Live are large, popular online news sources.

According to the DPA article, PixelHealer is free, portable software that does not require installation. After downloading, it can be easily started by double-clicking the file. To use the software, the user moves a colored square over the area with the pixel error and clicks "start flashing." The software then rapidly changes the selected RGB colors, which can cause the "stuck" pixels to start functioning again.

Worth a shot: the 'PixelHealer' might get pixels that have gone astray back on track by quickly changing colors.

Whether you're a resident of a major city like Berlin or Munich or a smaller town in rural Germany, after the widespread coverage of PixelHealer by the German media, there's a good chance that you've heard of PixelHealer and that you know it's a valuable tool for fixing monitor pixel errors. We believe this can boost the app's credibility and its potential to become the go-to solution for healing pixels.

Posted on February 6, 2023