Pixel Test Your Monitor For Its Trouble Spots

Picture the disappointment of a loved one, when it turns out that the ultrabook or convertible notebook you presented them with, has dead pixels. Or imagine your own frustration, when you find out that some of the pixels on your new monitor are hot or stuck. Defective pixels can occur as a result of flaw in manufacturing, or they may occur over time. But whether you are about to buy stuff, or just want to check the one you are using, InjuredPixels proves to be an invaluable tool.

To prevent a spoiled birthday party, or an annoying fight with the salesman, pixel test the stuff you are going to buy, with InjuredPixels! It’s a no-installation, portable app, so you can take it with you anywhere you like. Copy it to your flash drive and bring it in-store. Or use it on any PC you want to.

If the deal is done and the faulty hardware is yours, it is still wise to run InjuredPixels to scan its screen. Because if you find out about the problem in time, you are likely to be warranted a return or replacement. It is very important to know exactly how many defective pixels are there, as each LCD manufacturer has their specific warranty policy. Even though there is an international standard to set quality classifications, ISO 13406-2, that is more like a guideline, and manufacturers differ in how strictly they follow it. InjuredPixels helps you check, and if needed, prove that you are entitled to a compensation.

After downloading InjuredPixels, just click run, and the app is “on”. It requires no installation, and there is no interface either. InjuredPixels sees to checking your pixels straight away. The pixel test method is rather simple, yet effective. It fills the entire screen with a primary or custom color to make detecting no-good pixels easy. You can either use the arrow keys to shift colors, or you can pick any preset one from the right click menu. The software lets you set any custom solid color too, for thorough inspection of problematic sub-pixels. An added bonus is the multi-monitor support feature, that allows you to check all connected monitors.

Do not delay to check if your monitor works fine! The pixel test is done in seconds, and let’s hope you won’t have to use PixelHealer!

Posted on November 5, 2022