Instant Screen Area Focus With CinemaDrape

The fiercer the competition to catch Internet users’ attention gets, the more challenging it becomes to focus on the content we need to. Distraction ruins quality work and browsing, no doubt. But often the struggle to keep our eyes away from catchy stuff, requires straining effort. And webmasters, online advertisers, service providers are just not going to back off. On the contrary: they get paid for tightening the world wide web around us to keep our senses glued to it.

For instance, if we open a regular website, we are instantly forced to divide our attention to at least a dozen things and areas. Special offers flash on bright yellow backgrounds, sliders display the latest products, footers offer dozens of quick links and so on.

The array of colors, shapes and texts is just overwhelming. And just when we try to pay full attention to a certain content, a huge, vibrant colored ad catches the eyes, and we just have to click to find out more about that fabulous offer that ends in 24 hours… Or when we start our research for an important essay, but need to switch off for a minute, and when we look at the time we go like: “Oh my God! I was only going to update my Facebook status! Where did the day go??” The list could go on and on, just to prove that the mind and the senses are too vulnerable when it comes to self-discipline. The less distractions they have to deal with, the easier it becomes for them to focus on stuff that really matters. Out of sight, out of mind!

Ever wished you could just make certain screen areas disappear and only keep the ones you really need to concentrate on? Give your mind and senses the relief they deserve and try CinemaDrape! This free app is a real first aid for improving work conditions for single tasking. Run it, designate the screen area you wish to keep, and the app instantly blanks or dims the rest. Adding a new focus area could not be any simpler: just draw another rectangle with your mouse. Need more? Add as many as you need. The areas you want to keep are very easy to customize. Move or resize them with the mouse or arrow keys, and even change the drape color and opacity. No more ads, notifications, bright colors, sliders to distract you! And you don’t even need to close opened windows. You can also use CinemaDrape if you need to memorize and practice texts. Just cover then reveal the area by resizing the rectangle.

And last, but not least, use CinemaDrape to reduce the screen area filled with bright pixels, and your eyes will thank you. Computer vision syndrome (CVS) affects millions of people worldwide: dry, tired or itching eyes, fatigue, or headache are just some of the many ways staring at screens for long periods of time impacts our bodies. While for most of us it’s inevitable to keep using computers, CinemaDrape can at least reduce the screen area our eyes are exposed to for so many hours. Let the drape roll and let it keep you focused and healthier!

Posted on October 1, 2022