How To Increase Screen Area Focus With Color Psychology

Online marketing and advertisement gurus know all too well the immediate and overwhelming influence colors have on us. They have mastered the art of using colors as tools to draw our attention away from whatever we pay it to on screen and direct it to their products and services. There is no such thing as online marketing without a heavy reliance on color psychology. Even the most appealing product would go down the drain in no time if its ad colors were not carefully picked. But does it mean that we are doomed to stay marketing pundits' online slaves forever and do whatever they command? It should not! And there are some simple yet powerful steps you can take right now to stay in control.

First of all, get all those distracting ads, notifications, etc. out of sight. How? Download and run CinemaDrape and designate a focus area on your screen by simply drawing a rectangle. The rest of the screen gets dimmed or blanked, so you are well on your way to becoming much more productive with your tasks. Then increase your chances by picking a drape color that helps you focus better. Read our list carefully to learn how a specific color can promote more efficient work performance.

Blue: Do you need to relax and stay calm? Set the drape color to blue, and you can sigh with relief. Blue takes away disturbing thoughts and clears the mind so that it can relax and focus on the task ahead.

Yellow: Need to concentrate hard on stuff? The yellow drape will help your mind cope easier with the challenge. At the same time, yellow makes you cheerful and optimistic. But adjust its opacity to a lower level, as too much bright yellow is hard for the eyes to take in.

Green: Do you need to memorize text? Green is the color of learning, so the green drape will enhance your abilities. It also relaxes the eyes, being the easiest color for them to take in.

Red: You feel a bit sluggish or lazy and need an energizing boost. The red drape will shake you out of your slumber; it is the color of passion, vitality, and energy, and it stimulates a faster heartbeat.

Orange: Do you need to focus but are feeling down? Set the drape orange, and your blues are gone instantly. Orange energizes you, cheers you up, makes you optimistic, and enhances your self-esteem.

Good luck!

Posted on January 26, 2023