Freedom-Tied Favorites: How To Create Portable Bookmarks?

Bookmarks are vital for regular Internet users. Many of us build a massive collection of favorite Internet addresses over the years as we keep finding useful pages to return to. When reading a book, most of us are unable to remember where we left off each time we pick it up. So imagine the frustration and challenge of finding your favorite pages without the help of bookmarks! Even though they are not as visible as, for instance, backgrounds, images, themes, or gadgets, bookmarks build perhaps the most accurate digital replica of our personalities.

So you have an impressive amount of bookmarks saved in your browser, neatly organized in folders, that you use daily. They perform admirably and greatly assist you in your work, study, or recreation.

But what if you want to, or need to, use them in another browser or on another computer? Or on a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, so that you are not bound to a single home computer? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn your bookmarks into portable bookmarks, or cross-web, cross-device entities? However, most browsers save bookmarks in formats that are not compatible with other browsers. For instance, Internet Explorer saves pages as URL files, and Mozilla Firefox saves them as SQLite files.

Portmarks has the remedy for that problem. It has the “elixir” that reincarnates any Internet address (link, URL, bookmark, favorite) into a very small HTML file that you can open in any browser, on any device, with any operating system! Your treasured bookmarks are set free at last and are ready to cross borders! There’s no need to worry about using them in the cloud or on another computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone, Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and so on. Portmarks has you covered.

It is super easy to use Portmarks. Download and run it, and don’t be surprised to find no interface. You simply do not require one. You can start converting your favorite Internet addresses into those universally accepted “magic” files straight away. Just copy one or more addresses onto the clipboard, run Portmarks, and the metamorphosis is done: your portable bookmarks are ready to be pasted as files in any location! The pleasant “tada” sound confirms successful conversion of files. Your transformed bookmarks are portable and can even be uploaded or synchronized in the cloud using online storage services.

Posted on September 12, 2022