Eliminate Distractions With Cinemadrape, as Recommended by Lifehacker

Lifehacker, "the expert guide for everyone who wants to get things done," is one of the most widely read life hacks and software blogs out there. And we're happy to share that our app, CinemaDrape, was just featured there!

Distraction-eliminating application CinemaDrape covers your desktop with a black screen except for the application you're currently working in, so you can eliminate background distractions and help yourself focus on getting something done.

Obviously, the ability to "create a distraction-free zone for any application" and "eliminate background distractions and help yourself focus on getting something done" were highlighted as strengths of CinemaDrape. They also mentioned the ease of using the installed version, which allows users to launch "the dark screen effect" with a simple shortcut key combination. They also talked about how easy it is to change things in CinemaDrape: users can make pre-defined focus areas, change the color and opacity of the drape, and more.

As an independent developer, we're always thankful for the support and attention we get from our users and the media. A big thanks to Lifehacker for taking the time to write about CinemaDrape and share it with their readers.

If you haven't tried CinemaDrape yet, we invite you to download it now and see for yourself what a distraction-free environment can do for you. You can also read the original post on Lifehacker.

Posted on February 5, 2010

Last updated on January 25, 2023