DIY Pixel Fix: Fix Dead, Stuck Or Hot Pixels Hassle Free

Discovering dead, hot, or stuck pixels on your screen is always an annoying thing. They are just impossible to ignore. From the moment they appear, you just can not take your eyes off them, no matter how great the content is showing on the rest of the screen. So you need to do something about them.

If you have kept the warranty receipt, you envision the drag of bringing the hardware back to the store, going through the whole procedure, and getting your healthy monitor back in a few weeks time. Worse still, if you have lost the receipt or if the warranty period is over, you really do not need that repair bill on the top of the many others.

The good news is that there is a DIY pixel fix app to try resurrect those pixels. PixelHealer is the doctor to see. This free, portable app can be of a great service, and in a few easy steps chances are that you can bring those pixels back to life.

The first thing to do, is run our InjuredPixels app for a thorough check of all defective pixels on the screen. You may easily notice obvious ones, but others might be less visible. InjuredPixels gives you a map of each dead, hot or stuck pixel on any LCD or TFT screen.

Once you are aware of each defective pixels, download and run PixelHealer. This is a no-installation app, so you can take it with you and use it anywhere, on any screen, be it a PC, laptop, or tablet. The software is based on the tested concept that flashing RGB colors over a dead or stuck pixel revives it. The software makes it very easy to put that concept into reality. First, place the colored repair window over the faulty pixel. Use the mouse or your fingers to move or to re-size the window. Then click Start Flashing, let the flashing go on for a while, and check if the pixel is back to normal. The intuitive settings window lets you change the flashing colors, the flashing interval, or you may opt for automatic closing of the app after a set time. If necessary, repeat the process a few more times, and hopefully you can save your screen this easy way.

Important notice: Flashing colors can trigger epilepsy attacks. If you, or someone you know suffer from epilepsy, avoid staring at the screen during the flashing process!

Posted on December 17, 2022