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ColorVeil is completely free because it's supported by East-Tec and east-tec Eraser!

east-tec Eraser is the perfect program to cover your tracks. (PC Pro)

Free Download


ColorVeil Version

You can install and run ColorVeil on any PC, notebook or tablet with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP*.

ColorVeil is free for use in any environment: personal, academic, commercial, government, business, non-profit, and for-profit. Before using ColorVeil, you must accept its License Agreement.


Install ColorVeil

The Installer program will copy ColorVeil on your PC, create a Start Menu entry and set up an uninstaller.

Download EXE


Install ColorVeil (MSI)

Use the MSI installer to install and deploy ColorVeil across your network.

Download 32-bit MSI Download 64-bit MSI


Download ColorVeil Portable

No installation is required. Just download and unpack the ZIP archive.

Download ZIP