A red color filter with ColorVeil

A color filter over your screen. Dim screen brightness, or browse the Web in Red.

"Your monitor will never be boring again." (Download3K)

Key Features

  • Screen Color Filter

    Add a filter of any color and opacity over your Desktop, Internet browser, video player, document, website, or program.

  • Change Screen Color

    Use red for excitement, blue for relaxation, or sepia for nostalgia. Or any other color, for any other reason.

  • Work As Usual

    Just continue to work, play, read, write, or browse as usual. Oh, and adjust screen color and transparency as you see fit.

  • Dim Screen Brightness

    Reduce your screen brightness, even below its lowest available setting. And reduce eye strain, especially at night.

  • Save Energy & Battery

    A lower brightness leads to less power consumption, and can help ensure a longer battery life on laptops or tablets.

  • Real-time Experiments

    One click to tint your screen with beautiful random colors. One slide to try different transparency levels.

  • Fun Presentations

    Create more interesting screencasts or presentations, by adding an interesting color filter to the video output.

  • Stealth for Pranks

    ColorVeil can go stealth and disappear from the taskbar, leaving people to wonder: "What's with my color screen?"

  • Very Easy to Use

    Left-click the system tray icon to toggle the veil, middle-click to set a random color, and right-click to open the settings.

More Details


  • I Love Free Software

    "Probably one of the best ways to minimize eye strain and irritation while using your PC." (5 Stars)
  • Simon Child Blog

    "Anyone still remember the traditional CRT monitors and the translucent screen filters mounted on them?"
  • Download3K

    "A tiny program meant to do one thing. ... Install ColorVeil and your monitor will never be boring again."

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