WhatsMyCo Type your name or text and get your matching color! A fun way to discover colors!

Run in Your Browser

Type Anything

Type your own name. Or any name, title, quote, sentence. Or even upload files. And get a matching color.

Fun Color Discovery

A fun and personal way to discover and share beautiful colors, or inspiration for any task that requires color.

Colors To Love

Turn words you love into colors you love. Use them to breath new life into your Internet persona and online presence.

Use The Colors

It's easy to copy the colors and their codes, and even use them as profile photos, or as beautiful modern wallpapers.

Share The Colors

With the Share on Facebook button, it's an easy task to post your favorite color on your Facebook profile.

Works Anywhere

There is nothing to install. All you need is a modern browser running on any PC, notebook, tablet, or smartphone.

Selected Reviews

I Love Free Software

WhatsMyCo is a pretty interesting concept. ... Is this website useful? I doubt it. Is it fun? It sure is.

Rocky Bytes

Do you sometimes think about the colors that different things might be? Neither did I until recently. (5 Stars – It Rocks!)


Maybe you can use it to give your wedding card a personal touch: just combine your color with that of your partner.