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Welcome to the ISeePass help page. ISeePass is a browser bookmarklet that allows you to quickly and easily reveal passwords hidden behind asterisks or dots on web pages. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use ISeePass:

Add ISeePass to your browser's bookmarks bar: To get started, you'll need to add ISeePass to your browser's bookmarks bar. You can do this by navigating to the ISeePass download page and dragging the "ISeePass" button to your browser's bookmarks bar.

Go to a website with a login page: Once ISeePass is added to your bookmarks bar, go to a website that has a login page. Enter your username and password credentials.

Click on the ISeePass bookmarklet: To reveal the password, click on the ISeePass bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar. The password will become instantly visible.

Click again to hide the password: If you want to hide the password again, simply click the ISeePass bookmarklet again.

Repeat: You can use ISeePass on any website that has a login page and repeat the process.

With ISeePass, you can easily reveal and hide passwords on the fly, without having to go through complicated settings or copying and pasting passwords from a text document. It's a handy solution for exposing password boxes whenever you need to type long passwords without typing errors.

Note: You can also add the ISeePass bookmarklet by right-clicking the "ISeePass" button and selecting "Add to bookmarks" or "Add to favorites" depending on your browser. You can also use ISeePass on mobile web browsers by adding the bookmarklet to your bookmarks or favorites.

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