ColorVeil Color filters over your screen. Reduce eye strain, help with Dyslexia and Visual Stress.

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This tool probably offers one of the best ways to minimize eye strain and irritation while using your PC.


Add a colored filter over your entire desktop for saving you from eye strain, or simply for a fun or nostalgic screen view.

Rocky Bytes

Do you have issues with your screen being too bright at night even when you turn your PC's brightness all the way down? ColorVeil may be an application for you. (5 Stars – It Rocks!)

Software Informer

Whatever your reasons are to require or prefer a specific screen color with a certain opacity level for your screen (dyslexia, SSS, or just plain eye strain), ColorVeil is probably the most flexible, convenient, and efficient solution you'll surely find out there. (Software Informer Editor's Pick Award)

Untroubled Venus

Studies have also found that the colored filters aid cognition for those with dyslexia. ... I have opted for applying a colored filter with ColorVeil.


Probably the best piece of code I've ever used


"This is an indispensable software used to prevent eye strain. I highly recommend it and use it frequently during long work days. They've done a kindness to people by making it available to download freely."

Middlewich High School

"At one stroke, Middlewich High School has been able to improve its staff's health, while also broadening access to learning opportunities for many of its students, all at zero cost to the taxpayer." Read More

St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School

"ColorVeil gives us the perfect solution for children and young people with Dyslexia / Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, allowing full customisation to match the colours stated by the optometrist." Read More