ColorVeil Color filters over your screen. Reduce eye strain, help with Dyslexia and Visual Stress.

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Color Filter

ColorVeil adds a customizable color filter over your Desktop, Internet browser, video player, document, email, or program. You can work, play, read, write, or browse as usual.

Dyslexia / SSS

ColorVeil can help people with Dyslexia and Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. It applies a coloured tint across the screen, that can match the prescription from the optometrist.

Eye Strain

ColorVeil can reduce screen brightness, even below its lowest available setting. This helps reduce eye strain, especially at night, and can save battery on notebooks and tablets.


ColorVeil lets you easily customize the color and opacity of the filter. For example, choose an Orange color filter to block out the blue light responsible for sleep deprivation.

Easy On/Off

ColorVeil makes it very easy to instantly turn the color filter on and off: simply click the ColorVeil icon in the notification area. Or press a (customizable) keyboard shortcut.

Portable & Installable

Run ColorVeil on any PC without installation: just download and unpack the ZIP archive. You can also install and deploy it across your network using the MSI setup program.

Selected Reviews

Software Informer

The most convenient solution for dyslexia or SSS when it comes to adjusting the amount of light coming from your display.


Place a color filter over your screen, reducing brightness and cutting eye strain. ... A tiny download - 21.8KB, really?

I Love Free Software

This tool probably offers one of the best ways to minimize eye strain and irritation while using your PC.


"We have been looking for the last few years to support children and young people with Dyslexia / Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome by way of coloured overlays, but have never been able to find a solution that works on computers. ColorVeil gives us the perfect solution, allowing full customisation by way of overlay to match the colours stated by the optometrist, removing a significant barrier to that young person's learning."