Colortypist Type in a color name or code, and see it fill your screen in real-time, while you type.

Run or Install for Free

View Any Color

Type or paste the name or HTML code of any web color, and see it fill your entire screen, in real-time, while you type.

Type In Any Format

Enter color names, HTML codes, RGB triplets or integer values. And easily convert between any of these formats.

Wallpaper Changer

Easily set your favorite tint as your Desktop Wallpaper. You may get a more modern looking Desktop, and a faster PC.

Copy And Reuse

Copy and reuse html colors in external apps, for various purposes. Such as generating web color schemes, or palettes.

Save As Images

Generate and save images of any size, filled with the color of your choice. For anonymous profile images, or backgrounds.

Save As Portable Files

Save any color in a tiny HTML file. Then open the file and view the color in any browser, on any PC, tablet or smartphone.

Paste From Anywhere

Paste colors into Colortypist. From any external site or app, such as a web color picker, or a HTML color wheel.

Simple Interface

Colortypist has a clean and easy to use interface. Type colors in the large edit box, and use the menus for the main functions.

Useful And Fun

Learn web color names by trial and error. Or have fun by typing weird color names, or words that are also color codes.

Selected Reviews


Colortypist is a smart graphic design addon, well worth its 40KB download. Go grab a copy now.

Rocky Bytes

Just really like discovering different colors? Colortypist is the application for you. (Five Stars – It Rocks!)


Colortypist, Realtime Desktop Wallpaper Color Selector: a better way of experimenting with background colors.


It's clear that this program was not only made for graphic designers, but by them, as well. It's stylish, smooth, and does exactly what you need it to in a matter of seconds. It's even portable so you can have it with you on a thumb drive and use it on any computer. If you do any work with colors or HTML, Colortypist is a phenomenal download to have.