Color Desktop Wallpapers At Your Fingertips

Color desktop wallpapers at your fingertips

Anyone who likes or needs to experiment or work with colors, will appreciate Colortypist. This minimalist app lets you fill the screen with any web color you like. And it does that in style. By the time you finish typing the color name, HTML code, RGB triplet, or integer value, your color desktop wallpaper is ready.

Colortypist is the true epitome of real-time apps. It could not be any more real-time, unless it was able to read your mind. But even until it gets there, it can still offer you enough interestingness. Let's have a look at some ways you can use it.

Bored with your desktop background? How about setting your favorite color as a solid color wallpaper, or experiment with other colors? Colors are the undeniable ancient sources of a diverse range of psychological and emotional effects. Try and see how different ones make you feel, and pick the one that has the right effect on you at the moment.

Time to entertain the kids? Let them have fun typing in color names or concocted combinations. Or let them try random colors. They just can't go wrong. The worst thing that can happen is that they discover some unique colors, or beautiful shades. And typing colors is a great way to help them learn to spell color names properly!

Does your job require you to work with colors and color codes? Colortypist offers you several options for that. You can view, save, convert and copy them, whether they are HTML codes, RGB triplets, integers, or color names. The copy feature comes handy if you are to reuse copied colors in other applications, for instance to generate web color schemes, or palettes. If you need, you can save colors as tiny, portable HTML files and open them in any browser. Or you can save them as images in any size, for instance, for backgrounds. Colortypist also lets you paste any color from external sites or apps. Converting between the formats could not be made any simpler either. Just click the format you need.

Colortypist is a super easy-to-use app. Its interface is a mere text box in a frame, with a menu for the main commands. And if you need to work on different PCs or notebooks, you can always bring Colortypist with you. It's a portable app, so you don't even need to install it. Just download and run it! Have fun and bring some color into your cyber life!