PixelHealer Try to fix dead, stuck or hot pixels by yourself, before running back to the store!

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"No prior knowledge is required, PixelHealer performs its duty even without installation." (CHIP Verdict: Gut)


"An effective and money-saving solution ... and a very user-friendly app that can be used by users of any skill level. Therefore, we recommend this utility to all users." (Download3K Excellent Award)

Ghacks Technology News

"The program is well designed ... it may be worth a shot considering that the only other options you have are to return the screen/buy a new one or to live with it."

I Love Free Software

"PixelHealer is a very simple and straightforward software and there is nothing in it that users have to do manually, apart from some settings."


"A kind of shock treatment for pixels"

Rocky Bytes

"PixelHealer is great for when you find dead pixels." (Rocky Bytes Score: It Rocks!)


"A very interesting application that can help you get rid of the so-called dead pixels, which are one of the main reasons for complaints and monitor tossing. ... Simple setup, effortless utility."


"A user-friendly utility ... an intuitive interface, straightforward functionality, and a smooth and quick installation"


"Besides being practical, it's also portable, so it can be carried around on a mobile device to help you fix multiple screens. ... PixelHealer has an intuitive interface, and it's easy to use."

Yahoo! Finance

"PixelHealer is a bit of software from Aurelitec that's designed to fix pixel problems, and it's a free download for Windows, which makes it a first stop for Windows users."